Promotional Video for Vox Vanam - Kodaikanal Estate Bungalow by Ovm Studios

Vox Vanam - Kodaikanal Estate Bungalow - Film

Vox Vanam - Kodaikanal Estate Bungalow - Film by Ovm Studios.

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An organic coffee estate stretched over 40 acres in Kodaikanal hills, houses plantation such as Coffee, Pepper, Nutmeg, Orange, Cloves, Avocado and Jack fruit which is close to mother nature, hear birds chirp, breath taking Western Ghats view, tracks for trekking to keep the fitness freaks impelling. It's equally true that the best conversations occur around a campfire. Safely enjoy the Bonfire with music and dance. We can organise for barbecue grills and skewers, so that you can cook your favourite dishes on your own. Also enjoy our traditional Tamil mouth-watering delicacies to titillate your taste buds.